The objective of this project was to rebrand Lumos Clean Energy Advisors as a seperate company. This was a collaberative project, although each team member tackled a seperate role to create a new brand. Together we came up with a new logo, brand guidelines, a sitemap, wireframes, and a new website.



The idea behind the logo was that lumos sheds a light on clean energy. The o in Lumos is a perfect circle to represent people coming together.

logo logos logo


A simple sitemap was key to keep the website easy to use, and user friendly. Their sitemap beforehand was more complex than it needed to be. We made sure to move the bulk of the content on the homepage so users can easily navigate.



My main role in this project was to create the wireframes, for a new website. Each page was planned out specifically for the Lumos content. Click the button below to view the wireframes.


When applying the Lumos logo on promotional products the logo is only to be placed on items that properly represent the company. Here are some examples of how it can be used.


Final Website

Website Coming Soon!